Agronomy of iHemp

We at Natural Good Medicines want to bring in the agronomic qualities that Industrial Hemp varieties exhibit,, such as tolerance to dense planting. An obvious focus of concern to some is the coincidence of high THC production with short-day photo-period adaptation. This is a complicated situation because it takes years to create new plant strains. One must ask, will THC still be a big issue in 10 years?

After all, the whole issue of THC in hemp varieties is political. THC never used to matter in hemp. It’s a made-up issue. It is as informed by science as were the tribunals of the Inquisition.

So, that means a new wind in Congress could sunder years of investment in lowering THC to absurd levels. Looking at the rapid changes taking place everywhere but the U.S., I can imagine there might come a day when someone will ask, astounded, “You mean you bred the THC out of the plant?!”