Portland hemp convention draws thousands to Expo Center.

PORTLAND, Ore. — There wasn't an empty aisle to be found at the Portland Expo Center. Dozens of vendors showed off their products to thousands of people. There were the usual items you'd expect to find at this type of trade show, but a rapidly expanding business is leading to lots of unusual ideas also. "We were trying to come up with things that aren't sweet," Angel Arms...
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ASTM International New Guide for the Use of Agricultural Fiber in Construction

WK30419 1. Scope This standard provides guidance for the use of agricultural fiber in building products. There is a great range of agricultural products in various stages of development for a great range of building products. This guide primarily addresses the use of the residues of food production, such as straw and seed hulls, but also includes the use of plants or plan...
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What are Chemicals of Concern?

Learn about a few of the top ingredients and contaminants to avoid, based on the science linking each to adverse health impacts, and the types of products they’re found in. To learn more about how chemicals impact your health and where they come from, check out the Health & Science section. For each of the chemicals included in this section, a growing body of hazard-base...
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Integrating Modern and Traditional Medicine: Facts and Figures

Integrating modern and traditional medicine: Facts and figures By Priya Shetty Traditional and modern medicine have much to offer each other despite their differences. Priya Shetty assesses an uneasy relationship. Traditional medicine (TM) is due a revival. For millennia, people around the world have healed the sick with herbal or animal-derived remedies, hande...
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